Why do we say #letsmeetout?

Great changes have happened in this world throughout the ages due to meetings. Motives could be different but every meetings has got a result. Be it a family meet, friends meet, lovers meet, business meet, political meet, conference, assembly, etc etc etc; there are motives and solutions. Also in a meeting number is not a factor. It could be 2, 5, 20, 100; end of the day there is a bond, there is exchange of thoughts. Talking face to face gives a personal bond and makes derivations easy.

In the modern era this meeting culture is what we lack. Yes of course there are huge meetings happening around but what about our personal circle. Are we creating a virtual circle around us of people who we don’t know or people who don’t care about us. When we run behind a thumbs up (like) our social well being shows us a thumbs down (dislike).

Lets come out of the shell… POST our thought in our real circle not virtual circle….LIKE others thoughts…. COMMENT on those thoughts….and SHARE the happiness with them and the world….. #letsmeetout

1 copy
Mahatma Gandhi and Mountbatten during Independence
2 copy
Rabindranath Tagore and Albert Einstein
3 copy
M S Dhoni and Shahid afridi
Syria's President Bashar al-Assad welcomes Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at Damascus airport
Syrian president Bashar Al- Assad and Palastine president Mahmoud Abbas
Ban Ki-moon, Nawaz Sharif
UN Secreatary General Ban Ki- Moon and Pakistan president Nawaz Sharif
6 copy
Indian Political leaders – Narendra Modi and Sonia Gandhi
7 copy
Riligious Leaders- Pope Francis and Dalai Lama
8 copy
Women power- Malala Yousufzai and Emma Watson
9 copy
Against discrimination- Martin Luther King Jr and John F Kennedy
10 copy
To fix up broken relations
12 with true friends copy
to talk rubbish and share memories


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