Lets Meetout @ Razzberry Rhinoceros, Mumbai

Let’s here it first from them…

Nostalgia hits when no one’s watching. In the 90’s, we were in the forefront of giving people – what they now call- partygoals. It was us, Razzberry Rhinoceros that set the bar high, who introduced the lifestyle that you now enjoy. What you now called ‘the weekend’, was just our everyday.

Are we back? Yes! We are. But are we the same? Maybe we are. Maybe we just added four ways to show you quadruple the amount of fun. The open deck – to let you feel the love of the sea breeze, the Bistro where Fine Dine Mediterranean meals are served to keep you perked up, the bar for when you’re feeling beat, and the VIP Deck for those moments when exclusivity is a luxury you want to bask in.

This weekend in house they are back with an amazing DJ….yeah its a twisted DJ party
Venue: Razzberry Rhoniceros, Juhu, Mumbai
Date: 17//2017
Time: 10.00 PM onwards
Entry: Cover charges applicable

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