Let’s Meetout @ MTV @ Flyp Cafe, New Delhi

Let’s here it from them first….

For the uninitiated, here goes: After touching several key consumer touchpoints, we’ve now decided to take a deep breath and set foot into completely new terrain – Cue: Flyp @ MTV debuting in New Delhi on 12th December and soon to be followed by ten more cafés in the next five years. Can we get a hurrah?

So what’s got us convinced that you definitely want to give Flyp @ MTV a visit? For starters:

1. Celebrity chef, Ranveer Brar has created a bespoke menu and curated dishes exclusively for the café.

2. MTV Immersive Museum: A one-of-its-kind virtual museum where patrons can effortlessly browse through MTV’s archives and delve into our rich video library.

3. Book A Bakra: Miss the days of yore with the nastily fun pranking and bakras? We do too! To remedy this, you can now sign your buddy up for a ‘bakra’ prank and have his embarrassment recorded for posterity with our hidden mics and cameras – All on the house!

4. Endless Shelf: Treat your inner shopaholic to our endless supply of exclusive MTV merchandise courtesy our library of virtually augmented products and shelves.

5. Talent Record Room: A fully equipped recording studio housed within the café itself to provide budding singers with ease of recording their talent.

6. Glocal Food, Local Inspirations: The café’s culinary style hinges upon progressive Indian food – Local flavours presented in a global style!

7. From sit down experience to stand-up comedy. From jamming on ideas to jamming onstage. From bottom-lines to bottoms-up. All this and more awaits you at Flyp@MTV.

Work. Chill. Play. The MTV Way!

DJ Ady is joing Flyp this weekend for the swag nights.

Venue: Flyp @ Mtv, Cinnaught Place, New Delhi

Date: 5.8.2017

Time: 8.00 PM onwards

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