Let’s Meetout @ Cafe Mojo, Bangalore

A quaint English pub with a Bangalorean twist! Café Mojo is India’s first eBeer pub where you pour your own beer and pay by the ML and not by Glass. So Come In, Run the Tap.Pour Some Fun! Now in Goa, Mangaluru, Mumbai & Bengaluru.

Parties are always the best in Café Mojo. You also experience the best crowd in town here. The theme and overall ambience will take you to some foreign pub setup. Not only Bangalore but the whole world comes here to spend their best time.

This weekend is gona be traditional Kerala style party. All the chettans and chechies make your way to café Mojo because it is Onam Bash here.

Dj 303K is playing some awesome Malayalam tracks and make you move.

Venue: Café mojo, St Marks Road, Bangalore

Date: 26/8/2017

Time: 8.00 PM onwards

Entry: cover charges applicable

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